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Avatars, how to get one

Give yourself the right image

You may have noticed that in the forums many members have a picture on the left side of their posts. This is an avatar - an image that reminds people of who has written the post and a bond or aide memoire for future posts.

Your avatar can be one you made yourself, linked from another site, or chosen from our very own directories of avatars.

To gain an avatar, click on Profile on the top bar menu, then you will find a set of tabbed sub-pages within your profile, click the Profile Tab. This then bringd more tabbed sub-pages and you need to clink on Avatar. This next graphic should explain how to find the avatar page and what to expect when you see it.
Some of the options in the above image may not be available at the discretion of the Board founder.

The options available;
Upload Avatar from your machine:
If you have an image that you would like to use from your computer, you can upload it to the sbceic site from your machine. It must be within the restrictions posted on the avatar page i.e. maximum of 100x100px and no larger than 6kb. Just browse to the image on your computer and double click it. If it is outside the restrictions, it will not be accepted.

Upload Avatar from a URL:
Exactly what it means. If you know of an avatar somewhere else that you would like to use for yourself, if you know its location (can be found by pressing the right mouse button, and select Copy image location) enter this into the form box. Again, if it is outside the avatarrestrictions, it will not be uploaded.

Link to off-site Avatar:
If you have an avatar loaded on a server somewhere that you would like our forum to link to, then add it here. There are a couple of benefits to doing this; You save a little our server space; you can exceed the memory size restriction on uploading an avatar (although if it is larger than 100x100px it may be removed) and finally, if you have a number of forums that link to the same avatar, you can change this image once and all other sites change with it.

Select Avatar from gallery:
Here is a treat! We have over 10Mb of avatars in our directories, as most people do not want to go out and search for avatars. So, click 'Show Gallery' on this option. You will then have a pop-up window come up. Here you will find a whole host of pre-installed avatars that you can choose from. If you do not like those on the first page, there is a dropdown menu at the top to guide you to a more personal avatar. Click on the image you wish as yours and if the window does not instantly return to the avatar profile page, then click the close window text at the bottom of the page.

When you are happy that your avatar has been uploaded or chosen, click submit at the bottom of the profile page. You will now get a confirmation page. Now return to your profile and you will see on the public tab and the left hand user info block that they carry your avatar.

Avatars personalise and individualise people within this and many other forums. Please obey an avatar ettiquette that you should not directly copy a persons avatar. Its like stealing an identity. If you modify an avatar to be original, thats ok :)

If an avatar is linked from another site, if the site is down, so is your avatar!

Given time you could have images like some of these;
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