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Site Wide Index

Remove left (header) blocks using a built in feature.

Some people like to have a site wide Index (forum) instead of blocks on the left and or right depending on how you have your pages setup. Some years back, a user wrote a quick tutorial on how to accomplish gaining a site wide Index without using destructive practices to remove core code by simply using IM Portal's (The main core of Integramod) built in features.

*Disclaimer* I take no credit for this idea at all. The original post, as far as I can tell, can be found at ... rum+blocks


Go to ACP > IM Portal > Configuration and set "Enable system-wide portal header" to yes for now... this enables you to access previously set blocks in the header...

Go to ACP > IM Portal > Page Management and edit the default page and select the 3_column.tpl
On the same page keep forum-wide-blacks to yes...

Go to ACP > IM Portal > Blocks Management and select the default page and edit all blocks that has "header" as Block position and set them to left...

Go to ACP > IM Portal > Configuration and set "Enable system-wide portal header" to NO

And there you have it. You will have all blocks accounted for on your portal page and you will have a nice clean Index page.

Another user had footer blocks enabled apparently and added a tip as well:

BMD said:

I just applied this and it really cleans up the clutter.....

I took this a step further and repeated the process for the footer as well... set them to right and all that is left (no pun intended) is the clean center column...

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