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Some new features (mostly little stuff) maybe implement now?

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Some new features (mostly little stuff) maybe implement now?

PostAuthor: ZacFields » Sun Jul 09, 2006 12:16 am

I didn't want to post about this in the 1.4.1 topic but here are some things that I think could/should be added to either the public version of 1.4.1 or future versions:

-ACP-Donor's admin: The ability to edit/delete donor entries. (Exe: I added the wrong info in for one person who donated personally with cash. I just make up the paypal id number and enter the person's account and usually it just says the amount they donated, but if u put their username in incorrectly it shows up at Anonymous. So I had to get into phpmyadmin to edit this because you can't do it in ACP)

-Donor block: For new donations, make it so it says $20.00 (Donated by ZacFields) Instead of the current 20(Donated by ZacFields). Without the dollar sign and decimal it gets confusing.

-Donor block: Add full functionality to the block. (Donations goal, donations balance, etc like seen in PHPnuke sites like )

-Mod/Admin Activity mod: Comes standard on PHPBB 3.0 but is a mod that logs all the actions taken by the moderators/admin. Very extremely useful modification.

-Ability to search by email address. I don't know if there is a way to do this already or not, but in my self-modded versions of phpbb I found this feature useful. was just a link on ACP where you can search for a username from their email address. Great for use when you get donations not initiated from the forums but directly through paypal, and also if somebody emails you with the title "HELP ME MY ACCOUNT IS MESSED UP" but forgets to include their username.

-Blog mod: I think most integramod forums would make use of this. Maybe just make it so it can be turned off via ACP?

-More mods able to be turned off via ACP. Try to gather all the mods that not as many people use and have the ability to turn them off via ACP somehow. Would make life easier for some people. Just have one big page in the ACP called "Enable/Disable MODS".

Either way, a few of these things are very minor (the first 3 especially) and might be easy to implement before the final release of 1.4.1 but these are just a list of things I've always wished I could have that I think everyone would want/need.

Last edited by ZacFields on Wed Dec 31, 1969 5:00 pm, edited 1 time in total.

Sr Integra Member
Sr Integra Member
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PostAuthor: tekguru » Sun Jul 09, 2006 11:10 am

Agree 100% over the Donor suggestions, those features are desperately needed!
Last edited by tekguru on Wed Dec 31, 1969 5:00 pm, edited 1 time in total.
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Sr Integra Member
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