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Some things I would like to see

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Some things I would like to see

PostAuthor: cutegothpirate » Fri Aug 03, 2007 9:13 am

Would like to be able to have the group color mod functions built into the site. Like, this mod group color mod, its kinda buggy, but the premise for it is, you can assign a color to a user group and have that color go all over the forums. It shows up in the legend, and in the last post on the forums. It shows up in the member list and the online members.
I want it hardcoded into the site itself, where its really fixed in there. Maybe if you have it so that when a user is added to a group, their level changes and thats what the color is attached to. I have done it myself, it is complicated. If you want my code for it, I can give it to you. Its REALLY messy though! And mine doesn't show up everywhere that the group color mod's does. I'm sure you guys could fix it. Its really pretty when done right.

Make it easier for people to add portal pages please! Right now it seems I have to do 50 things to add one, I know exaggerating, but really, it's a pitb.

When I have to ban someone from my board, its really difficult to have all their post removed. Maybe I am doing it wrong, but if I am not, I want it to be easier when you ban someone that all their posts are automatically REMOVED.

Make it easier for people to add new qbars. Like so that they can make things more organized. Maybe if you add into the code a whole bunch of qbar blocks like the sec_menu one. Maybe have like 6 or 7. My page has 5 but only because I had to add them to the code myself.
Also, add in some extra faq files that people can make their own faqs with, just some blank ones that people can activate and write to if they want.
I have 2 extra faqs that I wrote for my site.

Add in a program that lets people have forms on their site. Have it customizable for emailing or for posting in a forum. I have about 4 forms I made for my own site, one that emails, and the other 3 that post in different forums on the site. If you need my code, let me know.

When you release the new updates, make sure that all the pages can only be gotten to through the site and not remotely. Like how the shoutbox can be gotten to if you know integra well and type in the url to it. Make all the pages more secure so that can't be done.
(how to do this is somewhere in the forums, cant remember where though)

I think that is about it on the problems and fixes I did to my own site. I am sure that if someone with my limited knowledge can do all that, it should be a breeze for you guys to.

Overall, great mod! Just really complicated! I am sure you guys can make it even better with newer releases!
I have faith in you!!
Last edited by cutegothpirate on Wed Dec 31, 1969 5:00 pm, edited 1 time in total.

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