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Installation Tip and Instruction Suggestion

PostPosted: Tue Jun 19, 2007 10:37 am
Author: XanaduRanch
I have had to go through more than a few installs of IM and one thing that I always hated was using the FTP program to set all the file permissions. The instructions have a nice HTML table showing which files and permissions need to be changed, but even with root access, or shell access to your directories, that's a lot of wasted typing.

On a new install today, I just copied the table to a text file and did a little editing, then pasted the modified text into my SSH window, and voila. All done in a few seconds. I would suggest that the IM team consider including this "cut and paste" text in the Linux section of the install instructions, instead of, or in addition to, the table of chmods.

For anyone with this access, that may not already know how, it's very simple. Here's what to do.

1) after unzipping all of the files in the proper directory, log in to that directory via SSH using a client like puTTY.

2) Copy to your clipboard the permission commands below.

3) Put your mouse in the puTTY window and right click.

That's it! The commands will be pasted into the window and executed one after the other as if you had typed them all by hand, and all your file permissions will be set in a few seconds.

Code: Select all
chmod 0777 album_mod/upload  chmod 0777 album_mod/upload/cache  chmod 0777 album_mod/upload/med_cache  chmod 0777 album_mod/upload/wm_cache  chmod 0777 backup  chmod 0777 cache chmod 0777 cgi-bin/tmp/ chmod 0777 files  chmod 0777 files/thumbs chmod 0777 images/avatars  chmod 0777 images/smiles  chmod 0777 includes/cache_tpls  chmod 0666 cgi-bin/nuffload.cgi  chmod 0666 ctracker/logfiles/logfile_attempt_counter.txt  chmod 0666 ctracker/logfiles/logfile_blocklist.txt  chmod 0666 ctracker/logfiles/logfile_debug_mode.txt  chmod 0666 ctracker/logfiles/logfile_malformed_logins.txt  chmod 0666 ctracker/logfiles/logfile_spammer.txt  chmod 0666 ctracker/logfiles/logfile_worms.txt  chmod 0666 includes/def_auth.php  chmod 0666 includes/def_icons.php  chmod 0666 includes/def_qbar.php chmod 0666 includes/def_themes.php chmod 0666 includes/def_tree.php chmod 0666 includes/def_words.php chmod 0666 includes/phpbb_security.php chmod 0777 modules  chmod 0777 modules/cache chmod 0777 modules/cache/explain chmod 0777 pafiledb/cache chmod 0666 pafiledb/cache/data_global.php chmod 0777 pafiledb/cache/templates chmod 0777 pafiledb/images/screenshots chmod 0777 pafiledb/uploads chmod 0666 profilcp/functions_profile.php  chmod 0777 profilcp/def  chmod 0777 var_cache  chmod 0666 config.php chmod 0666 language/lang_english/lang_extend_*.php chmod 0666 language/lang_english/lang_contact_faq.php chmod 0666 language/lang_english/lang_faq.php  chmod 0666 language/lang_english/lang_faq_attach.php  chmod 0666 language/lang_english/lang_prillian_faq.php  chmod 0666 templates/*/sub_templates.cfg  chmod 0666 profilcp/def/def_user*.php chmod 0777 pafiledb/cache/templates/* chmod 0777 pafiledb/cache/templates/*/admin

Re: Installation Tip and Instruction Suggestion

PostPosted: Thu Jun 21, 2007 1:08 am
Author: found it
A great tip..... :mrgreen:

Could you now please post how to use putty for the none tech (thats me) among us :mrgreen: <img>

Re: Installation Tip and Instruction Suggestion

PostPosted: Thu Jun 21, 2007 8:14 am
Author: CaNNon
Download and install puddy, it needs the same info as your ftp does, so you use that info to make your connection.

Once you connect you have a remote console to the server to enter the commands.
this works pretty much the same as opening a dos prompt window on your pc. so if you can use a little dos you can do this. :P

Re: Installation Tip and Instruction Suggestion

PostPosted: Thu Jun 21, 2007 2:26 pm
Author: Helter
142 has a chmod .script integrated into the install, so if your server is *nix based, you wont have to worry about chmods at all <img>

Re: Installation Tip and Instruction Suggestion

PostPosted: Fri Jun 22, 2007 9:38 am
Author: CaNNon
I'll take that I won't even need my 1 finger! <img>

Re: Installation Tip and Instruction Suggestion

PostPosted: Sun Jul 01, 2007 10:46 am
Author: XanaduRanch
[quote=""HelterSkelter";p="26734""]142 has a chmod .script integrated into the install, so if your server is *nix based, you wont have to worry about chmods at all :)


The code:

Code: Select all
open HOSTUSERNAMEPASSWORDcd /FORUMDIRECTORYLITERAL SITE CHMOD 0777 album_mod/upload LITERAL SITE CHMOD 0777 album_mod/upload/cache LITERAL SITE CHMOD 0777 album_mod/upload/med_cache LITERAL SITE CHMOD 0777 album_mod/upload/wm_cache LITERAL SITE CHMOD 0777 backup LITERAL SITE CHMOD 0777 cache LITERAL SITE CHMOD 0777 cgi-bin/tmp/ LITERAL SITE CHMOD 0777 files LITERAL SITE CHMOD 0777 files/thumbs LITERAL SITE CHMOD 0777 images/avatars LITERAL SITE CHMOD 0777 images/smiles LITERAL SITE CHMOD 0777 includes/cache_tpls LITERAL SITE CHMOD 0666 cgi-bin/nuffload.cgi LITERAL SITE CHMOD 0666 ctracker/logfiles/logfile_attempt_counter.txt LITERAL SITE CHMOD 0666 ctracker/logfiles/logfile_blocklist.txt LITERAL SITE CHMOD 0666 ctracker/logfiles/logfile_debug_mode.txt LITERAL SITE CHMOD 0666 ctracker/logfiles/logfile_malformed_logins.txt LITERAL SITE CHMOD 0666 ctracker/logfiles/logfile_spammer.txt LITERAL SITE CHMOD 0666 ctracker/logfiles/logfile_worms.txt LITERAL SITE CHMOD 0666 includes/def_auth.php LITERAL SITE CHMOD 0666 includes/def_icons.php LITERAL SITE CHMOD 0666 includes/def_qbar.php LITERAL SITE CHMOD 0666 includes/def_themes.php LITERAL SITE CHMOD 0666 includes/def_tree.php LITERAL SITE CHMOD 0666 includes/def_words.php LITERAL SITE CHMOD 0666 includes/phpbb_security.php LITERAL SITE CHMOD 0777 modules LITERAL SITE CHMOD 0777 modules/cache LITERAL SITE CHMOD 0777 modules/cache/explain LITERAL SITE CHMOD 0777 pafiledb/cache LITERAL SITE CHMOD 0666 pafiledb/cache/data_global.php LITERAL SITE CHMOD 0777 pafiledb/cache/templates LITERAL SITE CHMOD 0777 pafiledb/images/screenshots LITERAL SITE CHMOD 0777 pafiledb/uploads LITERAL SITE CHMOD 0666 profilcp/functions_profile.php LITERAL SITE CHMOD 0777 profilcp/def LITERAL SITE CHMOD 0777 var_cache LITERAL SITE CHMOD 0666 config.php LITERAL SITE CHMOD 0666 language/lang_english/lang_extend_*.php LITERAL SITE CHMOD 0666 language/lang_english/lang_contact_faq.php LITERAL SITE CHMOD 0666 language/lang_english/lang_faq.php LITERAL SITE CHMOD 0666 language/lang_english/lang_faq_attach.php LITERAL SITE CHMOD 0666 language/lang_english/lang_prillian_faq.php LITERAL SITE CHMOD 0666 templates/*/sub_templates.cfg LITERAL SITE CHMOD 0666 profilcp/def/def_user*.php LITERAL SITE CHMOD 0777 pafiledb/cache/templates/* LITERAL SITE CHMOD 0777 pafiledb/cache/templates/*/admin bye quit