Moving to new site. Move forum. Change site name.

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Moving to new site. Move forum. Change site name.

PostAuthor: cutegothpirate » Sat Jul 14, 2007 3:10 pm

How to move my site to a new host, or a new website.
(new site, new host, move database, forum information gone, forum topics gone, user posts gone) <tags for people to find this in search.

YOU NEED TO USE PHPMYADMIN to access your databases.
Make a backup of your old database. sql format is easiest for your new database to use (so I have found out from my end)
Open phpmyadmin. Select your database from the drop down menu.
Click on the 'export' tab. Under 'export' select all. Radio button 'sql'.
Ignore SQL options. (don't know what all that does so I ignore it.)
Check the box 'save as file'.
Save as a zip. (was easiest for me)
Then click go. It will start a download for you.

Then you need to make a new database on your new site.
Through your control panel, create a new database the way you made one on your old site.

Import the data to your new site.
Open phpmyadmin on your new site.
Select your database you created.
Go to the 'sql' tab and browse for your zip file from your old site.
select 'autodetect' and click 'go'. It will tell you if importing the data was successful.

Stay in phpmyadmin to change some things.
Open the database and select phpbb_config from the left menu.
Click the tab 'browse'.
Search through there and replace your old site's name any time you see it in config_value with your new site's name by editing it. (click on the little pencil icon beside it.)
Save all changes!

Open your config file in your main public_html directory on your new site.
Add in your new database name, username, and password in there.

Make sure you go back through and that all chmod settings are set correctly using your original installation guide.

When you go to your new site, your admin username and password will still work.
You need to synch user posts to see all the forums and topics you had before!

I think that is everything!
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